Use the seven API to send SMS, RCS or voice messages to manage contacts and groups, validate conversations or phone numbers. Integrate our powerful communication interfaces seamlessly into your product.

First steps

To get started with the integration, create a new application in your developer settings. Then read how to make requests for the resources you want to access using our HTTP APIs or special client SDKs. When your integration is ready to use, publish it to our integrations directory to reach the protocol community.

Create your API key


First steps

Learn how to seamlessly integrate and use our API for your development.

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Log in securely: Learn all about the authentication methods of our API.

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Discover our libraries for a quick start to API integration.

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Immediately informed: Understand how webhooks provide real-time updates to your applications.

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Find out more about our comprehensive REST/HTTP interface.


Integrate the proven SMPP interface for high SMS throughput.

Mail API

Find out more about sending messages by e-mail.

Third-party provider

Discover our numerous integrations and plugins in third-party provider software.